Yakima Union Gospel Mission

The Yakima Union Gospel Mission exists to follow Christ in helping people move from homelessness to wholeness. Our doors have been open for over 85 years, and with your help, we will continue to serve our community and shine the light of Jesus Christ to all those in the darkness.

What we do

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Transformed Lives

"I've grown so much since I've got here. I'm so much happier now. A lot of things have happened for me since I've got here. I've gotten custody of my children back and I've learned a lot. Jesus has done a work in me."
“As I worked though the Genesis Process and grew in my faith, the fear and anxiety that had ruled my life started to fade. On the day I got baptized, my false belief system, my fear, my anxiety, my guilt, my shame, and my desire to escape almost completely vanished.”
"I don't know where I'd be today if it wasn't for the mission, I truly don't. And God knew I'd be coming here. if God can fix me and use YUGM to do it, then anybody can change for the better. Anybody can do it."

YUGM is here to help. Please join us on the journey!

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