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If you would like to learn more about the lives changed and gain a deeper understanding of what causes a person to become homeless, our blog contains stories from the people we serve. It is a blessing to be able to see how far these individuals have come and how their lives were transformed by the love of Jesus Christ. Some of the men and women that graduated from addiction recovery even works at the Mission today!

joyce standing in the adult shelter

Love Casts Out Fear

Joyce courageously answered God’s call to serve the homeless in the midst of a pandemic! “ARE YOU SURE?” people would ask. “Do you understand the

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Danielle standing outside her room at YUGM

Re-Purposed in Christ

Danielle came to the Mission in search of a new start. After a devastating personal loss pushed her into depression and substance use, Danielle knew

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luis is a client that graduated addiction recovery

God is Here

Luis came to the Mission to get meals and a place to sleep while he got on his feet.  HOW we do things has changed, but WHY

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Scared Stuck

& doing anything to stay alive… Dennis was born in Kentucky and was adopted twice by the age of 8. Try to imagine that kind

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