It’s so hard for people to truly change. In fact, it’s hard enough that many people don’t believe it’s possible. But we know that with God, all things are possible.

56 Adult Shelter Clients Enrolled Into Recovery Programs

That’s why our year-long residential recovery program is saturated in faith. Only the love and forgiveness of God can heal and transform deep brokenness within the human soul.


The program is also richly relational. We are in many ways a “do-over” family for the adult orphans of extreme childhood trauma. New experiences of loving and healthy community begin to displace earlier harm. After all, we only know we’re lovable because someone loved us.


The program’s high success rate comes from combining professional trauma-informed programming with a vibrant community made alive by the presence of a loving God. Then we take enough time for it all to sink in. Our graduates are still clean and sober a year later at 5 times the rate of those only accessing standard short-term treatment.

14 Clients Newly Achieved One Year Clean & Sober