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Wholeness Starts Here

Feed a Neighbor in Need for Just $2.77.

Meals do more than nourish hungry bodies.

Meals save lives. 

Meals help people think clearly. 

Meals demonstrate the love and compassion of Jesus.

Meals build relationships. 

Meals spark hope. 

Meals give courage. 

Meals put people on the path from homelessnes to wholeness. 

Each $2.77 you give provides one Christmas meal.

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Mike Johnson, CEO – YUGM

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”
– John 10:10

From Homelessness to Wholeness

Julie* used to not know where her next meal was going to come from.

She used to spend her nights unsheltered, out on the streets.

She used to only have a few outfits – hardly more than the clothes on her back.

She used to be addicted to meth.

But we knew that wasn’t all Julie was. She was so much more. She was a child of God.

So, when she needed help, we offered it. Meals, shelter, a hot shower, new clothes. That kindness gave her a chance to experience the love of Jesus.

“If it was not for the Mission and the Discovery Program, I’d probably still be out on the street.”
– Julie

“The shelter staff was just incredible,” Julie says. “Everywhere you turned there was someone talking to you, wondering how things are going, pointing me in the right direction.” For Julie, that right direction was our New Life Recovery Program, where she learned to live a new life in Jesus, without meth or any other life-controlling substances. She graduated in the spring and is continuing to walk the path from homelessness to wholeness.

*Name changed for privacy.

How Your Christmas Meal Can Change a Life

It starts with a meal.

Most of the clients we serve come to us for the first time because they are hungry. And we can’t serve them without the help of friends like you.

When you help provide good food, we serve it with dignity and compassion so that we can give people value and begin building relationships.

After a hot meal, individuals are invited to spend the night with a roof over their head, in a clean, warm bed.

Safe Shelter

No one can consider significant changes in their behaviors until they are safe and secure. Counseling from our staff is also available to discuss options regarding our recovery programs or other service providers in the area.

After meals and shelter, often the next step is our Discovery Program.

Discovery Program

Sometimes the leap between staying in our shelter and entering into life-change programs is too great for our clients. Discovery Program is a 30-day program for clients to detox, stabilize, get into a routine, begin building meaningful relationships and find out more about the New Life Program.

Once someone is ready, we encourage them to apply for New Life Program.

New Life Program

This in-depth, year-long program helps men and women uncover the root causes of their homelessness and addictions, and then restructure their lives on a solid biblical foundation with lasting solutions.

Bridge Program

Even after a year of sobriety, it can feel like a big leap from the Mission to the “real world,” so our Bridge Program gives people the best chance for a sustainable future. The Bridge Program bridges the gap and helps clients maintain sobriety as they work to find jobs, secure housing, establish a budget, and live out their Christian faith.

Each $2.77 you give provides a Christmas meal for someone in need!

“Thank you for showing me that my life was worth saving.”
– Mission Guest

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