Impact & Outcomes

How YUGM Affects the Community

You, our partners, have shown a commitment to making sure every client, family, medical patient, and student knows that it is Christ’s love for them that compels you to partner with the Mission. That transforming love has had an impact on the community. Here’s how…

Love the Hurting

Only Jesus can change a life. That is why the Yakima Union Gospel Mission is committed to intentional spiritual engagement, gospel presentations, Bible Study, and discipleship with clients. Jesus modeled grace and truth in perfect balance. He was regularly in the company of prostitutes, tax collectors, and criminals. yet His message was always clear: I AM the way. Repent, believe, and be saved. I have come that they might have life to the fullest.


times someone in Program attended a Bible Study


times we prayed with a person being served


of clients with weekly spiritual engagement in Family Shelter


gospel engagements between our Outreach Team and the Yakima homeless population

Life Transformation

Most of our clients come to us with a significant amount of trauma and abuse in their background. They feel broken and lack the healthy relationships. We believe that healing for these clients begins in the context of relationship: relationships to one another, relationship to Jesus, relationship to the Church and relationship to the community.


clients reported new or renewed faith in Jesus.


shelter clients sustained sobriety because of their involvement at the Mission.


total participants in the New Life Program including 3 moms with a total of 7 kids who were able to remain together during recovery.


Madison House students participate in optional Bible studies each week night.

Street Impact

Jesus calls us to love our neighbor. Yakima Union Gospel Mission understands that mandate as a call to not only care for the hurting, but to show love, respect, and compassion to our physical neighbors too. Businesses along North First Street and Naches Ave are especially hard hit by the impact of street homelessness in Yakima. We want to make a difference for our city friends and partners at all levels.


lbs of trash were removed from Yakima streets by adult shelter guests last year through Clean Crew.


times someone didn't have to beg or steal for food thanks to our meal services.


unique individuals our Search & Rescue team encountered on Yakima's streets.


individuals brought back to shelter due to our Outreach and Search & Rescue teams.

Economic Impact

We don’t stop at getting our clients housing. We want to ensure that they enter the workforce, complete school, and recognize that they have something to give back to their communities. Through our programs, clients have found long-lasting employment and self-sufficiency.


professional certifications acheived


clients found employment


new jobs created with the opening of Summit Thrift


individuals or families found permanent housing

Emergency Services

How we provided meals, shelter, and emergency care changed drastically with the threat of coronavirus. In order to protect our population, we headed outdoors to give our clients ample spacing, fresh air, and sunshine, in accordance with the CDC. Thanks to our medical professionals at our clinic, we were able to screen, test, and quarantine symptomatic guests effectively keeping our positive cases to a minimum on campus.


medical office visits provided by our clinic.


nights of safe shelter provided


children in 53 families were kept off the street through Family Shelter.


COVID tests administered by the clinic. 123 were positive.

Community Benefit

Yakima Union gospel Mission is a resource for those who are poor, vulnerable, at-risk, hurting, homeless, discouraged, and in need of some support to get on their feet. We are specialists in providing warp-round care. Graduates from our programs are 4x more likely to maintain sobriety than traditional detox programs.


pounds of food waste prevented


students enrolled in Madison House youth center


unique patients served at the medical clinic.


adult shelter clients staying at the mission each night on average