Recovery Services

Our recovery services program is trauma informed; faith based residential program that seeks to aid our clients in moving from homelessness to wholeness. Program at YUGM is designed to be a relational, experience-oriented program, replacing past unhealthy relationships and experiences with loving relationships and healthy experiences. Out of a person internal change, external self-destructive patterns of addiction, abuse, neglect, shame, isolation and such are replaced by improved emotional and spiritual well being, healthy coping skills, healthy relationships, and the confidence to live a new life. Ultimately, the goal of the program is for men and women to move from extremely unhealthy patterns of living to a life of wholistic health .Through cognitive behavioral approach biblical principals and a wholistic model.

Discovery Program

Discovery is the first phase of our recovery services program. Discovery is a place for individuals experiencing homelessness and addiction to take their first steps towards recovery. Discovery provides an introduction to a whole person approach to recovery through cognitive behavioral methods, relapse prevention strategies, biblical principles, and case management with a focus on relationship building.

New Life Program

YUGM’s residential New Life Phase is an in-depth commitment designed to help individuals understand the root causes of their homelessness/addictions and why their lives are not working. Then the process of learning to restructure their lives on a solid biblical foundation with lasting solutions through the Genesis Process begins. Genesis integrates Biblical principles for personal change, proven relapse prevention techniques, cognitive therapy, and the latest neurochemistry research to comprehensively address, heal, and transform people damaged by self-destructive thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. We believe it’s important to utilize community-building, structured learning, and relational mentoring to develop healthy life skills.

Bridge Program

Bridge is a transitional program that supports clients in creating plans to connect to community resources such as educational, employment and housing opportunities. Clients will work one on one with case managers and in group settings to identify goals and develop plans to overcome barriers preventing them from independent living.

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Recovery Services