The Difference is Night & Day

For over 85 years, Yakima Union Gospel Mission has been a light in the darkness, extending hope to the Valley’s homeless, hurting, and addicted men, women, and families.

85 years ago, the faith community in Yakima came together to care for the most vulnerable. This partnership continues today crossing economic, denominational and political party lines. You link arms, pool resources, and serve side-by-side to make sure everyone in Yakima has access to a nutritious meal or a warm place to sleep.

You follow where God is already at work- His relentless pursuit of His children, the way He leaves the 99 to find the 1, His desire to restore what has been broken or lost- HIS LOVE prompts this community to extend love to others.

Night & Day, God is calling His children.

Night & Day we send out Search & Rescue teams. Our highly trained and compassionate Outreach specialists partner with community volunteers to locate and care for people living in street homelessness. We are active and intentional about knowing names and locations, building trust, offering life-saving care, and inviting people back to the Mission.


Night & Day we are here. Yakima Union Gospel Mission serves clients 24/7, 365 days a year. Our team of volunteers and staff are committed to making sure our people have nourishing meals and safe shelter around the clock.

We are on the front lines, in the alley ways, along the river, sitting with clients in crisis, comforting families who are scared and alone, giving medical care to the uninsured, offering tutoring and activities to kids after school. It’s raw and messy and beautiful work.

We are here proclaiming God’s love for people. We are here to remind them they are worth more. We are here to literally save lives. All because Jesus came that they might have life and have it abundantly!

We are not satisfied simply collecting people. We are here to cheer for and challenge people to move forward. Take the next step, stay clean today and then stay clean tomorrow. To offer a reset and restart and do-over as many times as it takes to stick.

We are here. We are here because YOU have invested in and stepped into this work with us.

When God’s people follow His lead, pursuing relationship and declaring worth, meaningful differences are made in the lives of the lost.


The addict finds victory.

The homeless build community.

The darkness is flooded in light.

We see miracles every day. We have learned there is no one too lost, no darkness too dark, no bondage too strong, that God’s power cannot breakthrough. Lives are being transformed.

You are making a difference when you partner with Yakima Union Gospel Mission.

And the difference is Night & Day.